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NitroShield and Your Business

Why Sell NitroShield?
The short answer is: you’ll make more money. But the reality is the initial profit you’ll earn from selling a NitroShield treatment is only the beginning of the benefits you’ll experience as a NitroShield dealer. As described below, you’ll also enjoy happier, more satisfied customers as well as increased customer traffic and retention.
How Much Should I Charge?
The first financial reward you’ll earn is a significant profit from selling and performing a NitroShield Treatment. Franchised New Car Dealers typically sell NitroShield Treatments without NitroShield Customer Care Club memberships for $149 - $289, and sell NitroShield Treatments with NitroShield Customer Care Club memberships for $199 - $399. Tire Dealers and Detailers, on the other hand, usually sell NitroShield Treatments without NitroShield Customer Care Club memberships for $89 - $129, and sell NitroShield Treatments with NitroShield Customer Care Club memberships for $99 - $169. Each NitroShield Vehicle Service Kit provides enough product to treat a typical set of tires 2 - 3 times, hence, most dealers provide the remaining product to the customer for future use should they need to address curb rash or desire a “refresh.” Some dealers leverage this as an opportunity to keep their customers coming back, by offering unlimited NitroShield touch-ups and refreshes … a particularly quick and easy task when a vehicle is on a lift.
Selling NitroShield without NitroShield Customer Care Club Memberships.
NitroShield, as a standalone product, is the world’s finest tire protectant and appearance product. It will provide a lifetime of oxidation and UV damage protection as well as a shine that can last the life of the tires … a truly great and unique product. However, most markets will only allow you to charge so much for “tire shine and protectant,” no matter how extraordinary and long lasting it is. Unless additional value is added, the price you can comfortably and successfully charge will generally be confined to the above range.
Selling NitroShield with NitroShield Customer Care Club Memberships.
The NitroShield Customer Care Club is a high value, low cost Product Warranty and Auto Club membership that includes the following customer benefits:
  • Tire Repair and Replacement Coverage ($200 Max Benefit)
  • Tire Dry-Rot and Cracking Coverage ($600 Max Benefit)
  • 24 Hour Emergency Towing Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • 24 Hour Flat Tire Service
Adding a NitroShield Customer Care Club membership to each NitroShield Treatment greatly increases the product’s value. Each membership provides 12 months of Tire Repair and Replacement Coverage and Roadside Assistance, as well as three years of Tire Dry-Rot and Cracking Coverage….almost $1000 of coverage and protection for very minimal cost to you, hence enabling you to enjoy a substantially higher profit while providing your customers with extraordinary value and peace of mind.
How the NitroShield Customer Care Club Benefits YOU.
Another key benefit of selling NitroShield with memberships in the NitroShield Customer Care Club is the array of customer contact, management and marketing tools that are built into the member registration platform. When a customer registers online to activate their NitroShield Customer Care Club membership, all of their member and vehicle information is captured, coded to your business and loaded into a secure data base and platform that is equipped with both Text Message and E-Mail Blasters, an Online Reputation Building program, Facebook Integration tools, Member Activity and Claims Reports, and an assortment of information sorting and other database tools that enable you to communicate with and market to every member. If you have yet to attend a NitroShield Customer Care Club “Dealer Tools” Webinar, please schedule one with your NitroShield distributor, or us, by Contacting Us ASAP.
How Do I Describe NitroShield to My Customers?
NitroShield is a unique tire “treatment” that shields tires from harmful UV rays, ozone degradation and oxidation, eliminating the yellowing, cracking and premature failure that such damage can cause. NitroShield also provides a rich, glossy shine that can last the entire life of the treated tire.
NitroShield backs their claims with a membership in the NitroShield Customer Care Club that includes three years of Dry-Rot and Cracking Coverage and one year of Tire Repair and Replacement benefits and free Roadside Assistance. Simply put, if any NitroShield treated tire dry-rots or cracks within 3 years of treatment, they will replace it for free.* They will also pay to repair or replace any treated tire if you incur a road hazard and provide free Roadside Assistance to install your spare or tow your vehicle if you suffer a flat tire.
How Long Does NitroShield Really Last?
Properly installed and cared for, a NitroShield Treatment should provide a lifetime (the normal service life of the tire) of UV, ozone and oxidation protection. As for the shine NitroShield provides, it too can last the life of the tire, but is much more sensitive to environmental conditions and tire care procedures.
NitroShield treated tires on a rarely driven, garage kept collector car should retain their shine for many years, perhaps 20 or more, because NitroShield is extraordinarily durable and designed to provide permanent adhesion. However, most vehicles are exposed to much harsher conditions than the aforementioned collector car and their tires and NitroShield treatment will suffer accordingly. To better understand the “staying power” of NitroShield, please view our Durability Demonstration Video. As the video shows, the product’s durability is nothing short of amazing. But, again, it is completely dependent upon a proper initial application (see “Application Secrets” below), ongoing care (see “What are the Care and Cleaning Procedures for NitroShield Treated Tires?” below), and the environment the treated tires are exposed to.
The average customer, with the average vehicle, driving and care habits should expect 9-12 months of gloss retention before they may desire a “refresh.” Again, the gloss can last longer, or even forever, but just like the ink from a permanent Magic Marker can be removed with vigorous scrubbing or various solvents, so can the gloss finish from a NitroShield treated tire, if it is exposed to various solvents or abusive conditions, which most tires will experience at some level in such a time period.
While many customers will mistakenly view the shiny appearance as the most important feature of NitroShield and the sole indication of its effectiveness, this is not the case at all. Even if the shine has diminished, a NitroShield treated tire can continue to enjoy complete and permanent UV, ozone and oxidation protection.
What’s a “Refresh” and How is one Performed?
A NitroShield “Refresh” is a simple procedure that enables you to quickly restore the original wet look/shine to a NitroShield treated tire. A Refresh is performed by simply cleaning the treated tire with mild soap and water, allowing it to dry completely and applying one or more coats of NitroShield Finish Coat to the tire with a sponge. Unlike the initial NitroShield Treatment, a Refresh does not require the use of our NitroShield Tire Prep and Cleaner or any Base Coat, just a quick cleaning and the application of one or more coats of Finish Coat. For complete Refresh procedure details, please review our Application Instructions.
How Long Should it Take to Perform a NitroShield Treatment?
Performing a four-tire treatment on an average size set of new tires (a half-ton pick-up truck or smaller vehicle with standard tires) should take about 30 minutes. Perform the treatment with the vehicle on a lift and it will take less time. You will also learn to perform quicker treatments as you gain experience, become efficient at cleaning and drying tires, etc. As further explained in “Applications Secrets” below, used tires may take longer to treat, depending on how dirty they are and if their side walls have been contaminated with oil or silicone based tire shine products.
Application Secrets
The true secret to a perfect NitroShield installation is surface cleanliness. It is essential that the sidewall surfaces of the tires being treated are free of any dirt, but most importantly, completely free of any silicones, oils or other tire shine products. Nothing is more important.
New Tires: New, virgin tires that have never been exposed to any tire shine products are the perfect candidates for long lasting treatments. However, do understand that new tires must still be thoroughly cleaned, as they are delivered from the manufacturer coated with a layer of “Mold Release Compound” that must be removed. Mold Release Compound is a lubricant that tire manufacturers use to coat and lubricate tire molds to prevent the tires from sticking to the mold equipment during manufacturing. It is the substance that is responsible for the oily feel of new tires. The good news is it is easily removed when you carefully follow our NitroShield Application Instructions.
Used Tires: NitroShield is generally sold as a premium “upgrade,” a specialized Treatment that adds value and protection to a new tire sale or as a premium option sold with a new vehicle. However, it is also the perfect product for anyone who wishes to upgrade and enhance the appearance of their existing tires. In fact, “used” tires that have never been exposed to any tire dressings or other harmful products are even better candidates for a successful NitroShield Treatment because the above mentioned Mold Release Compound has had more time to wash and wear off. On the other hand, if a tire HAS been exposed to tire dressing, you may be in for a bit of a struggle.
Virtually all popular tire shine products are oil or silicone based. Such products are quite destructive as they promote tire yellowing and cracking and can destroy the UV and ozone protectants that are essential to the life, color and texture of a tire. Further, they “soak” into the tire’s surface and therefore diminish NitroShield’s ability to properly and fully adhere. Before you attempt to treat a set of tires that have remaining shine product on them, consider “flipping” (dismounting and remounting) the tires on their rims to provide yourself with an untreated surface to treat. If this is not an option and you are forced to treat the already treated tires, follow the standard Application Instructions, but be prepared to use excessive amounts of Tire Prep and Cleaner as well as time and scrubbing effort.
Some dealers have reported that they have enjoyed success removing existing tire shine product with Lacquer Thinner, carefully scrubbing the tire surface with a rag soaked in the solvent, allowing the tires to dry, and then proceeding with the Application Instructions as they normally would. Due to the environmental concerns associated with lacquer thinner, as well as potential damage to a vehicle’s wheels or any other painted or coated surface, we do not recommend the use of such solvents.
What are the Care and Cleaning Procedures for NitroShield Treated Tires?
NitroShield treated tires should be cleaned with a soft sponge and mild soap and water only. Never use a scrub brush or any harsh cleaners on a NitroFill treated tire. It is simply unnecessary and such treatment can greatly reduce the product’s luster and performance. As a rule of thumb, clean your NitroShield treated tires as you would any painted exterior surface of your vehicle, again, using only a soft sponge and mild soap and water. Be sure to share this important information with everyone who washes or details your NitroShield equipped vehicle.
Still Not Convinced?
Single Vehicle Service Kits are Now Available for those who still need to see, touch and try NitroShield for themselves. Although we do not sell NitroShield to the public, we do now offer “Single Vehicle Service Kits” to dealers and potential dealers so you can try NitroShield for yourself without risking a more sizable investment. Each Single Vehicle Service Kit includes:
  • (1) 29.5 Milliliter Bottle of Base Coat
  • (1) 29.5 Milliliter Bottle of Finish Coat
  • (1) 8 Ounce Bottle of Tire Prep and Cleaner
  • (1) Application Sponge
  • (1) Instruction Sheet
The above Kit is designed to treat one single vehicle but includes enough Base and Finish Coat to treat a set of four average sized tires two – three times. You will need to provide your own Scrub Brush (to properly clean the subject tires) and Spray Bottle (to properly dispense the Tire Cleaner and Prep). To view our Application Instructions and a video of a complete NitroShield Treatment, please Click Here.
To order a Single Vehicle Service Kit, learn more about NitroShield or ask a question, please Click Here or call us at 1-877-246-3455.
*Limited to $150 per tire and $600 total per vehicle. See program Benefits Page for complete details as benefits may vary.
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